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Hady Boraey

Hady Boraey

Hady Boraey is an independent visual artist. Lives and works in Alexandria. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Fine Arts 2005, earned the Master Degree 2011, Ph.D. 2015, currently works as a lecturer at Graphic Department at Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University.

Boraey’s career is very assiduous in his practice and participations, with four solo exhibitions he done many experiments with different media in paintings, drawings and sculptures. In addition, he was keen to spread his artworks internationally. between residency programs, workshops and exhibition Boraey had been in Italy 2010, Greece 2011, England 2012, United Arab Emirates 2013, Jordan 2014, Poland 2016, Belgium 2018, Italy 2021.

With a distinctive experimenting techniques and a thrilling imagination, Boraey always creates a rich and textured world of fantasy depicting the illusion of other perspectives , by simply crossing the borders be it physical or psychological. Metaphorically and symbolically, he takes minds on a poetic and dramatic journey to discover the tempting yet scary unknown and to open new horizons.

Starting with the traditional Media, Boraey done a number of remarkable paintings and drawings, In addition, he done many experiments with the digital media, short videos, sculptures, installations, photo-grams, ending with introducing all these experiments with a subjective critic researches. Boraey’s work can be found in Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Jordan, UAE, UK and Egypt.

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