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Caroline De Souza

Caroline De Souza

Caroline de Souza was born in Brazil. she completed her studies as a fashion illustrator/designer in Milan and she currently lives and works in Greece.

During her career as a fashion designer, she collaborated with many brands and she established her own workshop and collection participating in many events such as the Athens fashion week.

Fashion has never been enough for her. She used to paint since she was 15 years old and has always been passionate for art. This passion intrigued her to take lessons with Angelos (Panagiotou), one of the most respected and influential Greek artists, who became her mentor through this exquisite art journey.

She is always looking for something new, combining materials to create something unique. She masters a variety of styles, but in all her work she plays with colors, layers and dynamics.

As a travel lover, every new country became a new way of learning, visiting art workshops at the best art schools. 

Caroline has participated in many group exhibitions with The Art Dose (Athens) and Kapopoulos Fine Arts (Athens-Mykonos- Paros – Cyprus) and she had her first solo exhibition in 2019 in Kapopoulos Fine Arts in Mykonos.

In 2020 she created her first sculpture collection “Love has no color” and was selected by “COCA PROJECT ART”. Additionally, she worked for a big project with the Brazilian embassy in Athens, created a monumental bronze “Love has no color” that is part of a permanent public collection in the very heart of Athens.

In 2021 she created the successful collection of metal gold plated hearts called “Unbeaten”, painted with metallic colors, that is already available with the galleries that she collaborates in 9 countries.