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Ahmed Farid

Ahmed Farid

Born in Cairo, in 1950 where he currently lives and works, Farid is an autodidact painter who trained privately in immersion apprenticeship in established artists’ studios. With a degree in social sciences and an early career in marketing communication and business, Farid’s encounter with art came through extensive travels in the early seventies. The meeting with the historical western art movements and his attendance of the effervescent Egyptian cultural life results in a very personal artistic research . The painting of Ahmed Farid is influenced by the gestures attributable to the abstract expressionist matrix that does not deny an atypical and barely visible form of representation but that sublimates it as a revelation of his own reality. His works has been exhibited in private art galleries and public spaces in Egypt and Europe.

Exhibitions :

October 2021:
Forever is now, Art d’Egypte, Cairo

January 2020:
Accumulatio, Safarkhan Art Gallery, Cairo.

October 2019:
Reimagined Narratives, Art d’Egypte, Cairo.

September 2019:
Art Beirut.

November 2018:
Chaotic Beauty, Safarkhan Art Gallery, Cairo

October 2018:
Nothing Vanishes everything transforms, Manial Palace and Museum, Cairo

December 2017:
Luxury living, Art Basel, Miami.

November 2017:
Melodies of Conflict, Safarkhna Art Gallery, Cairo

May 2016:
Art for life, Magdy Yacoub foundation, Safarkhan art gallery, Cairo.

December 2016:
Behind closed doors Exhibition, Safarkhan art gallery, Cairo.

October 2014:
Migration, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo.

May 2013:
Urban Diversity, Masar Gallery, Cairo.

March 2013:
Ahmed Farid, Faustini Art Gallery, Firenze.

October 2012:
Little Treasures, Trevisan International Art, Bologna.

June 2012:
Artists at Home and Abroad, Broadway Gallery NYC, New York.

May 2012:
Gallery Collection, Mostra collettiva, Al Masar Gallery, Contemporary Art, Cairo.

September 2011:
Contemporary Views III, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo.

January 2011:
Contemporary Views IV, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo.

October 2008:
Contemporary Views IV, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo.